3 Reasons to Get Dental Veneers

January 1, 2022
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Porcelain dental veneers are cosmetic restorations that are bonded over the front of your natural smile. Unlike crowns, fillings, or implants, veneers are strictly aesthetic, taking your existing teeth and enhancing the way that they look.

You might want to consider porcelain veneers in Rouse Hill if you…

Want Fast, Amazing Results

Cosmetic veneers treatment typically requires three steps: your consultation, the prep visit, and then final placement. You can have a completely brand new smile in what seems like no time at all. Once you’ve decided on the design of your veneers and we’ve prepped your teeth, your permanent veneers are bonded in place about two weeks later!

Want to Plan How Your Smile Looks

Do you prefer a hands-on role when it comes to your smile makeover? Veneer treatments allow you to plan the colour, shape, and size of each tooth being treated. In most cases, we can work up a preview of the design of your proposed veneers. That way you can see what they’ll look like before the permanent versions are made in the lab.

Feel Embarrassed About Your Teeth

If you’re self-conscious of the way your teeth look, it can impact your personal, social, and professional life. With veneers, you have the freedom to smile around others, laugh at parties, or pose in photographs while looking your best. The freedom they provide is priceless. Veneers are a great investment in both your appearance and quality of life, especially if you find that you’re always trying to hide your teeth from other people.

Smile Makeovers | Yes Dental (Rouse Hill)

Our Rouse Hill smile makeover treatments frequently use porcelain veneers because of the life-changing results they have to offer. If you’re considering cosmetic dentistry or want to find out if you qualify for veneers, reserve a no-obligation consultation with us today.

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