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Family Dentist near North Kellyville

Looking for a friendly, caring family dentist in North Kellyville? We invite you to Yes Dental, located at Rouse Hill Town Centre. Yes Dental provides comprehensive, high-quality dentistry for every age under one roof. Our experienced dentists deliver customized dental care that meets each individual's needs.

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Why Choose Yes Dental

Yes Dental is proud to offer care that's focused on prevention-based strategies. Through proven preventative care techniques, we can deliver patient-focused care that reduces the risk of future dental concerns by targeting risk factors even earlier. 

Our aim to provide the best smile possible for our patients at every stage of life. From replacing missing teeth to fixing broken teeth, we're committed to helping you regain your smile no matter what it's been through in the past. Thanks to today’s modern therapies, you can enjoy durable treatments that last for years.

Our state-of-the-art practice is conveniently located close to North Kellyville. As a family practice, you won’t have to make multiple separate trips to various dentists’ offices. Everything is in one location.

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Dental Checkups Help Keep You Smiling

When you book a routine exam, scale, and clean, we can better detect and prevent oral problems before they start. The earlier issues are intercepted, the easier they are to manage. That way we can also eliminate infection from spreading to adjacent teeth. 

Most people with healthy teeth and gums should schedule a cleaning at least twice a year. Regular care allows us to detect and prevent any serious issues before they turn into major problems later. Such as gingivitis progressing into gum disease, or demineralized enamel turning into a cavity. 

To provide minimally-invasive and early intervention, we use the most recent diagnostic technology, including digital X-rays. These safe and efficient imaging techniques allow us to provide smaller and gentler treatments. 

Restorative Dentistry Options

Restorative dental treatments help rebuild damaged or worn teeth to make them whole again. Yes Dental offers a complete menu of restorations to choose from, including mercury-free fillings, ceramic crowns, and more. 

Each of our treatment plans is designed to meet the needs of the individual patient. You may have different preferences than someone else, which is why we'll always discuss different available options. As we create a plan to restore your smile's function, we gladly welcome your input. When possible, we'll provide appropriate restorative choices so that you can select the best one for your smile. 

Your Comfort is Important to Us

Yes Dental prides itself on gentle, quality family dentistry. At our Rouse Hill Town Centrepractice, you'll find experienced dentists who can provide everything your family needs, from porcelain crowns and white fillings to cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. Our patients from North Kellyville can also request sedation dentistry during their procedures in the near future, which ensures a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Need a Family Dentist in North Kellyville?

Rouse Hill Town Centre's Yes Dental is only a few minutes from the North Kellyville community. New patients are always welcome.

Book your first visit with us today.

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