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advanced dental technologies

Advanced Dental Technologies

Our practice incorporates cutting-edge technology to provide the highest level of care for our patients. Using state-of-the-art resources allows for the gentlest experience while improving efficiency and quality of care.

Digital Scanning

digital scanning
3D digital scanning allows us to create a virtual replica of your teeth and mouth with high-resolution imaging software. Thanks to iTero technology, we can take digital “moulds” of your teeth without any gooey impression materials or messy trays. We simply use a handheld wand to scan each tooth into our computer program. In seconds, the replica of your smile is projected onto the computer screen.

Each of these 3D images can be securely and electronically shared with our labs for highly detailed restorations, clear aligners, and more. Their extreme accuracy allows for better fitting appliances without room for human error. Plus, digital scans are extremely comfortable for all ages.

If you’re someone with a sensitive gag reflex, digital scanning is a game changer. There’s no need to hold a tray in your mouth as the impression material solidifies. Your complete scan is completed in just a few short moments.

OPG Dental X-rays

opg dental x rays
Another example of 3D imaging is our onsite OPG X-ray machine. This technology allows us to capture a 3-in-1 image of your entire smile, including your TMJ. OPG films are excellent for planning dental implant placement, wisdom tooth removal, orthodontic therapy, and more. With this resource in our practice, we have all of the information we need to provide you with highly detailed, exceptional dental care.

Taking intermittent digital X-rays allows us to carefully monitor oral development, tooth positioning, bone levels, and more.

Digital Intraoral Cameras

digital intraoral cameras
Have you ever wished that you could see the same thing in your mouth that we do? Thanks to high-resolution intraoral cameras, you can. These small cameras capture hard-to-see areas such as tiny cracks, deep fissures in teeth, or margins around your dental crown, allowing us to enlarge them on a screen in the treatment room. When you’re able to clearly see the areas of concern, you’ll feel confident taking the next steps in planning for treatment.

Plus, digital imaging makes it easier to precisely monitor your smile’s progress from visit to visit. Areas can be re-assessed in the future, comparing them to previous photos as needed
dental clinic technology

Minimally-Invasive Dental Care

By incorporating the best technology for our patients, we’re able to reduce the time you spend in a dental office and offer earlier, less-invasive restorative options. We truly believe that by focusing on prevention and early screenings, we can improve your family’s dental experience.

Digital records also reduce time spent communicating with labs for custom crown creation, fitting Invisalign trays, and planning smile makeovers. By reducing the need for physical moulds of your teeth, we can ensure a timely experience and the best-fitting restorations possible.

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Yes Dental in Rouse Hill offers one-of-a-kind dental care for all ages. Our investment in advanced technology is just one way we fulfill our passion for the best oral health experience possible. Contact us today to reserve your next appointment with us.

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