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Yes Dental Teeth Whitening in Rouse Hill

A healthy smile is one of the best accessories you’ll ever wear. But for those of us who don’t have naturally bright teeth, professional whitening is the perfect solution.

Zoom Certified
At Yes Dental, we are Zoom certified dental professionals. We have undergone extensive training to ensure we provide the highest standard of cosmetic, whitening treatments to our patients.

We have carefully selected Zoom as our preferred choice of professional whitening as it is able to deliver impressive results whilst delivering protection, improve luster and reduce sensitivity.

Professional Teeth Whitening Options

YD Whitening A

Same Day In Chair ZOOM Whitening!

Enjoy immediate results with our in-house ZOOM! Whitening treatment. ZOOM! Whitening uses light-activated gel to oxidise deep stains in a matter of minutes. The typical whitening session lasts about 1-1.5 hours from start to finish, with the typical patient seeing an improvement of up to 7-8 shades. Only one visit is required.

YD Whitening B

Custom Take-Home Whitening KIts

If you prefer to whiten at home, we can fit you with a set of custom whitening trays that are precisely moulded to your teeth. All you need to do is place a small amount of gel in your trays, then wear them as directed (usually an hour a day). Full results are visible in just 7-10 sessions.
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Three Easy Steps

What are the Steps of the Teeth Whitening Treatment?

YD step whitening

First Visit & Consultation

We start with a consultation to discuss your needs and goals to determine which whitening treatment is best suited for you. This involves identifying the current colour of your teeth and using a scale, we’ll work together to determine the desired shade.
YD step whitening

The Treatment Process

For the in chair treatment, the whitening gel is applied on your teeth and a light is used to activate the gel. It works extremely quickly and you’ll be out of the clinic within 1-1.5 hours with a brightened smile!
If you’d like to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home, we will create a custom-fitted whitening tray which will take about 2 weeks to create. Once the tray & whitening kit is ready, you can perform the treat around your own schedule.
YD step invisalign

Your Bright, Whitened Smile is Ready!

Your teeth now look brighter and whiter! To ensure the results last as long as possible, our dentist will provide recommendations on stain-causing foods to avoid and share with you a great oral health routine plan.
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Why Professional Whitening Treatment?

Whitening your teeth with the help of our Rouse Hill dentist will ensure safer, better results. At Yes Dental, our professional grade gels work to penetrate deep stains in less time, compared to commercial products that aren’t as concentrated.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between in-office (same-day) whitening or a take-home system.

All professional whitening systems use concentrated products that you cannot buy from a store. Teeth whitening products that come from our Rouse Hill dental practice are stronger than what you’ll find online or elsewhere. It’s similar to using an over-the-counter medication vs. receiving a prescription from your physician.

Jump Start Your Smile Makeover

By whitening your teeth, you can establish a bright baseline that future dental work is matched against. If you get a crown or veneers in the future, you’ll have brighter teeth on either side of it. You’ll want to start with whitening before other cosmetic treatments since restorations cannot be bleached to a lighter colour in the future.

Professional whitening removes natural tooth discoloration as well as stains from your diet. It’s common to see dark enamel from things like:

  • Tomato sauce
  • Curry
  • Red wine
  • Coffee, tea, soda
  • Tobacco products
  • Certain medications

Be sure to plan your whitening for at least a couple of weeks or more before other planned dental procedures.

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Custom Whitening Kits

If you prefer to whiten at home, Yes Dental can fit you with a set of custom whitening trays that are precisely moulded to your teeth. Place a small amount of gel in your trays, then wear them as directed (usually an hour a day).

Full results are visible in just 7-10 sessions. Plus, you can easily top off as needed throughout the year. When you run out of gel, stop by our clinic in Rouse Hill for a refill.

Candidates for Teeth Whitening

Whitening is safe for adults with healthy teeth and gums. Any active cavities or gum disease will need to be addressed beforehand. We also recommend waiting to whiten if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Some teens may be able to whiten as well, but always check with our Yes Dental, Rouse Hill dentist first.

A Great Stand-Alone Cosmetic Service

Searching for a simple way to help your teeth look their best? Teeth whitening is safe, non-invasive, and an affordable cosmetic treatment to consider. It can also be paired with Invisalign, for a holistic smile enhancement!

We Love and Accept All Major Health Funds

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smile  Now, Pay Later

We provide interest-free payment plans that suit your budget. Don't let financial burden hold back the smile you have always desired for! Let us worry about it for you!

Prices Start from just $69/Week.

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Teeth Whitening in Rouse Hill

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does teeth whitening last?
It’s only natural that patients considering professional teeth whitening from our Rouse Hill dentist want to know how long the results will last. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer since it depends on how well you care for your teeth after the procedure. It’s essential to stick to a white diet for 24 hours after teeth whitening in Rouse Hill. Tooth enamel is highly porous at this time, and re-staining can quickly occur. Daily brushing and flossing combined with regular dental check-ups and cleaning will help maintain whiter teeth for longer. It’s also a good idea to carry a bottle of water around with you and rinse your mouth after every snack and meal if it’s not convenient to brush your teeth. Chewing sugar-free gum after eating will also help freshen your breath and keep your teeth brighter. After a few months, patients may need to touch up their smiles with a whitening gel refill from our Rouse Hill practice.
How does take-home teeth whitening work?
Having attended a consultation to evaluate your oral health, our Rouse Hill dentist will scan your teeth with an intraoral scanner to create custom trays that fit snugly to the contours of your teeth and gums. Once the trays are ready, you will be asked to drop by our Rouse Hill clinic to collect them and a supply of whitening gel. Place a small amount of gel in the trays and wear them over your teeth for the time prescribed by our dentist. Usually, this is about an hour, although depending on the strength of the whitening gel, you may wear them overnight while you sleep. Remove the trays in the morning, rinse them out, and repeat the next day. Maximum whiteness is achieved by most patients between 7-10 sessions.
Am I suitable for teeth whitening?
As with all cosmetic dentistry treatments, patients need to attend an initial consultation to assess their suitability for treatment. If your teeth are stained from within, they’re unlikely to respond to bleaching. Consequently, our dentist in Rouse Hill may suggest an alternative such as veneers, giving you a permanently white smile.

Other circumstances that may prevent you from having teeth whitening in Rouse Hill include:

• You have dental crowns, bridges or veneers. Materials used in these restorations cannot be lightened and will stand out from your newly lightened teeth. It’s always best to start teeth whitening before other cosmetic treatments, so our dentist can colour match any restorations to your natural teeth for a seamless smile.

• If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, our Rouse Hill dentists will advise you to wait until your situation changes.

• If you have gum disease or tooth cavities, these will need to be treated before proceeding with whitening.

• If you’re not suited to teeth whitening, our Rouse Hill dentist will be happy to discuss other solutions, including crowns and veneers.
Does teeth whitening hurt?
It’s common for patients to experience minor sensitivity after ZOOM teeth whitening at our Rouse Hill practice as the pores of the tooth enamel open to enable the bleaching agent to penetrate the tooth’s surface. As a result, you may experience tooth sensitivity from hot and cold temperatures, although this should ease and disappear within a few days. Any discomfort can usually be managed with Ibuprofen. Brushing with toothpaste for sensitive teeth may also reduce sensitivity.

ZOOM offers different strengths if you consider teeth whitening at home, so our Rouse Hill dentists can select the most suitable one for your teeth and gums.
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