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Your Beaumont Hills Family Dentist

Are you looking for an attentive, friendly family dentist in Beaumont Hills? Yes Dental is a family-oriented dental practice located in The Rouse Hill Town Centre that offers preventative oral health care to stop major dental concerns before they start.

We proudly serve patients of all ages, making it simple for each of your family members to see the same dental provider.


Smile With Confidence at Yes Dental 

Beaumont Hills families will love our modern practice, friendly team, and state-of-the-art technology. We do everything possible to offer quality and accessible care to keep your smile healthy. From emergency care to routine dental checkups, our dentists are by your side whenever you need us.

By treating issues like gum disease and cavities early, we can reduce your risk of major dental concerns like abscessed or missing teeth. Earlier treatments are simpler and less invasive, making them both gentler and better for your smile. But even if you do have serious issues, we can provide the restorative treatments you need to rebuild your smile. From white fillings to dental implants and everything in between, we'll deliver a unique care plan that's tailored to your specific needs.


The Importance of Preventative Dentistry

Six monthly checkups are a great way to prevent serious problems like gum disease, cavities, and tooth loss. If concerns are noted, we'll create a plan to address them as early as possible, before they have a chance to spread elsewhere. Some issues, like demineralised enamel or gingivitis, can even be reversed if caught early enough.

We use digital imaging to screen for bone loss and cavities while they're small, reducing the need for more aggressive treatments in the future. Digital X-rays are extremely safe and make it easy for you to see exactly what's going on inside your mouth.

Treatments for Worn, Broken, or Missing Teeth 

Thanks to a wide menu of restorative dentistry treatments, we can rebuild your smile regardless of how much damage it's suffered. From replacing teeth with dental implants to protecting fractured ones with porcelain crowns, we can combine several restorations to maintain complete oral function and aesthetics. 

In addition to accepting insurance, we also offer flexible payment plans on all treatments. That way you can access the care you want without having to worry about the fees involved. Low monthly payments make it simple to start your treatment straightaway.

Sleep Dentistry

Do you have an upcoming filling, crown, or extraction appointment? Beaumont Hills patients can request sleep dentistry during their planned procedure in the near future. Sedation makes it simpler to relax if you have anxiety or sit longer for more detailed reconstructive treatments. Choosing sleep dentistry is a simple way to ensure a comfortable and efficient experience if you feel a little nervous.

Dental Care, Close to Home

Beaumont Hills families will find our state-of-the-art office convenient for all their oral health needs. And since we're just a short drive away in Rouse Hill Town Centre, it's convenient to schedule everyone's checkups together.

Questions or concerns? Contact our office today to request an appointment.

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