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Principal Dentist
Dr Puja Gumber is dedicated to helping everyone achieve optimal oral health and a captivating smile. With her extensive experience as a healthcare professional she excels in diagnosing, treating, and preventing a wide range of oral health issues.

Dr Gumber’s expertise spans various aspects of oral health, including preventive care, restorative dentistry, and aesthetic dental services.

At our practice, we prioritize strict safety protocols to prevent infections and potential complications. Dr Gumber’s unique combination of technical proficiency, knowledge, and empathetic approach ensures remarkable care to all patients, making her your trusted dentist near Rouse Hill / Kellyville.

Areas of Expertise

Preventive Dentistry:
Dr. Gumber emphasizes the power of prevention, offering comprehensive dental check-ups, cleanings, and educating patients how to maintain healthy teeth and gum.
Restorative Dentistry:
When dental issues arise, Dr. Gumber excels in providing restorative solutions, including fillings, crowns, bridges and more to restore the function, durability, and aesthetics of damaged teeth.
Cosmetic Dentistry:
Dr. Gumber understands the importance of a confident smile and offers a range of cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening, veneers, and orthodontic options, to enhance your smile and confidence.

Patient-Centered Care

Dr. Puja Gumber prioritizes patient comfort and well-being, ensuring every patient feels heard and cared for. She takes the time to explain treatment options, answer questions, and involve patients in their dental care decisions.

Commitment to Safety

Your safety is of utmost importance to Dr. Gumber. Her practice strictly adheres to infection control measures and safety protocols to ensure a clean and secure environment for all patients.

Schedule an Appointment

If you're looking for a reliable and compassionate dentist near Rouse Hill/Kellyville, Dr. Puja Gumber is here to serve you. Schedule an appointment today to experience top-notch dental care and achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.
Your oral health and satisfaction are Dr. Gumber' stop priorities. Trust her expertise and experience for all your dental needs.
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