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October 23, 2022
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Proper dental hygiene plays a huge role in overall health and wellness. Every family member has unique dental needs that might change over time. You need a family dentist who can keep track of everyone's oral care needs throughout life. 


Here is all you need to know about family dentistry and why it's crucial for your family. 

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry is a field of oral care that, while addressing oral health at any stage of life, focuses more on kids and teenagers. However, family dentists operate like any other general dentist, focusing more on children. Some family dentists can also work as paediatricians. 


A family dentist teaches oral cleaning best practices to patients of all ages. They ensure all the patients have a positive dental care experience and good dental care habits. 


You need a qualified and experienced family dentist who will look after you and your children's oral needs at every stage of life. 


What are the benefits of family dentistry?

Your family deserves a qualified family dentist not only to maintain but also to improve your oral health. Lifelong family dentistry comes with various benefits like;


  • Simpler dental care - the family dentist has experience with oral care for anyone. You don't need different bookings for the various family members.
  • Versatile - whether you want braces installed, teeth cleaned, dentures designed, or more, a family dentist can handle it. 
  • Long-lasting relationships which make your family dental treatments a more comfortable experience. 
  • The ease of tracking dental history.

Why do you need a family dentist?

Growing up, most people never had regular dental visits. However, now that you have a family, it's time to prioritise their dental health. Having a family dentist helps you track your family's dental health. You establish a family dental history hence the ease of identifying genetic dental conditions. 


A complete family dentistry service is more proactive and can identify dental issues in the early stages. This helps in saving you money and unnecessary pain. Ultimately, having a family dentist is the right example for your kids. 


What are the benefits of dental care that you cannot skip?

A routine dental check-up is your key to the perfect smile and dental and oral hygiene. Having a family dentist keeps the whole family's teeth and gum healthy. It's also easier to identify oral health concerns before they become severe. 


Some dental care you cannot skip include general oral check-ups, scaling, dental x-rays, and teeth polishing. They help with healthy teeth and gum and general oral hygiene. 


Why is family dentistry important for oral health?

Family dentistry helps keep tabs on the whole family's dental situation. Unlike general dentists who might struggle with bookings and appointments, family dentistry eases the entire dental care process. Given that it's more of a lifestyle than medical care, everyone in the family would have no fears or issues visiting the family dentists. 


How do I find a family dentist near me?

As family oral health focus becomes popular, so are the family dentists. It has since become a daunting task to find the ideal family dentist for you and your family has since become a daunting task. Don't worry; you can always find the perfect family dentist through recommendations from your circles. 


You can also look up online for a family dentist near me. You will always find multiple results of top-rated dental family clinics for your family. 


Look into previous clients' reviews to establish the family dentists' expertise.


Better still, start your family dental health care by working with a proven excellent family dentist at Yes Dental. We offer the best quality, affordable, and technology-driven dentistry in Rouse Hill. Reach out to us today to know how best we can protect your family's dental health.


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