Easily Overlooked Cavity Symptoms

February 1, 2022
Overlooked Cavity Symptoms

Cavities are one of the most common diseases to impact adults and children of all ages. But they don’t always cause visible holes, toothaches, or dark stains on teeth. Here are some commonly overlooked symptoms of tooth decay that you want to be on the lookout for:

Floss Breaking or Shredding

Since cavities create physical holes in teeth—especially between them—your dental floss can get caught when you clean those spaces. If your floss is rubbing the edge of the decay, it may shred or break at that area each time you use it.

Food Getting Caught in Teeth

Voids in teeth will allow bacteria and food debris to get trapped every time you eat. If you find that you have a problem spot where food gets caught after every meal, you might have a cavity (or gum disease.)

Sweet Sensitivity

Cavities tend to be extremely sensitive to sweet foods and drinks. Anything with natural or artificial sweeteners—including your coffee creamer or a sports drink—could send a jolting sensation in that space, because of the way your dental nerve is reacting.

Rough or Sharp Edges

As tooth decay invades your enamel, the edges around the cavity tend to be fairly rough and jagged. If you rub your tongue over your teeth and feel something sharp, it could very well be a cavity, leaky filling, or even a fractured tooth. A small X-ray will allow us to measure the extent of the damage in that area.

Treat Cavities Early to Prevent Toothaches

Not all cavities hurt. But left untreated, decay will gradually spread into adjacent teeth or the nerve of your affected tooth. Reserve a checkup at Yes Dental, Rouse Hill to screen for cavities every six months. That way treatments are more conservative (and affordable!)


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