How to Get the Most Out of Your New Filling

February 28, 2022
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If you recently had a cavity filled, you want your new restoration to last as long as possible. With good home care, most fillings last for several years. Here are some things you’ll want to consider:

Brush and Floss Around Your Tooth Each Day

Although dental fillings cannot decay, the tooth around them can still develop cavities. You’ll want to carefully clean around the margins of your new filling every day to prevent any bacteria from accumulating along the edges of the restoration. Keep in mind that flossing cleans between teeth, where brushing won’t reach!

Don’t Eat Anything Too Sticky

While white fillings bond closely to teeth, extremely sticky substances like taffy or caramel can potentially pull at them enough to loosen the bond. It’s best to avoid these types of textures altogether or use another part of your mouth to bite into them.

Use Fluoride Routinely

From drinking fluoridated tap water to using the correct toothpaste, fluoride helps remineralize weak areas of enamel (including around your dental fillings.) Yes Dental at Rouse Hill also includes a fluoride treatment during your scale and clean appointment. If you have a high risk of recurring cavities, we may recommend a prescription fluoride gel to use each night before you go to bed.

Wear a Mouthguard

If you’re involved in sports or tend to clench your teeth, a protective bite splint or mouthguard will safeguard your teeth and fillings. Although dental fillings are strong, injuries or chronic clenching could cause them to fracture. A mouthguard is a great investment.

Schedule Checkups Every Six Months

Routinely monitoring your existing dental work will help you avoid complications in the future. To keep your smile healthy, we recommend a checkup twice a year.


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